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by P.T.Thomas, 20-2-93: 52 72 190? 345? 431 486? -Nestorian!
0714 Archdiocese in India under the Seleucian Church.

0813-24 Mar Sapor & Mar Prot came to Kerala.

1293 Marco Polo visited Kerala & Mailapur.

1328 Jordan made Bp of Kollam; 1348 John Marignoli in Kollam.

1496 Mar Johan & Mar Thoma in Kodungallur.

1498 Vasco da Gama in Calicut; 1503 Paranki took Kocchi.

1504 4 Chaldean Bps in Kerala: Thoma, Yahb’alaha, Denha, Jacob.

1510 Portuguese Franciscan Priests in India.

1514 Paranki got eccl.jurisdiction in India.

1539 Goan diocese erected; 1542 Francis Xavier came to India;

1544 Francis Xavier visited Kerala;

1546 Kodungallur seminary erected.

1547 Persian Cross  found at Mailapur.

1552 Franciscan seminary at Kocchi.

1558 First Indian Hierarchy in Goa; Mar Joseph & Mar Abraham Kerala.

1565 Angamaly Archdiocese erected.

1577 Vaipicotta Seminary erected.? 1587

1595 Alex Meneses, Abp of Goa; 1597 Mar Abraham died, buried St Urmis.

1598 Abp Meneses visited Kerala.

1599 Diamper Synod: 9 sessions; 153 priests; 660 lay delegates.

1601 Francis Roz SJ, first Latin Bp of TC.

1609 Kodungalur Abpric for Angamaly Abpric.

1610 Goan Abp reduced all-India jurisdiction of Syrian Bps to Kerala.

1624 Dominican Seminary at Kaduthuruthy; Bp Roz died.

1653 Jan.3 Coonan Cruz Oath against Paranki rule under Abp Garcia

1659 Sebastiani OCD of Italy as Ap.Vicar of Malabar.

1663 Dutch took Calicut; Chandy Parambil as Ap.Vicar, died 1687.

1665 Jacobite Mar Gregoriod came to Kerala: Puthenkur started.

1682 Verapoly Seminary started.

1752 DevaSahayam Pillai martyred.

1778 May 7: Frs J.Cariatty & T.Paremmakkal to Rome via Portugal.

1782 July 16: Mar J.Cariatty appointed Abp of Kodungallur.

1783 Feb.17 : He is consecrated at Lisbon.

1875 Parmmakkal started Varthamanapustakam.

1786 May 1: Both reached Goa; Sept.9: Mar J.Cariatty died in Goa.

1786-96 Paremakal Thoma Kathanar as Governador of Kodungallur.

1795 British took Kocchi.

1818 CMS in Kerala; Protestant church started.

1831 CMI started at Mannanam.

1840 Ap.Vicar of Malabar at Verapoly, Francis Xavier CD, as Abp.

1861 Mar Rocos in Malabar; Maharon on 5-9-61.

1866 CMC & CTC started at Kunammavu; Puthenpally Seminary-1866.

1871 Fr Chavara Kuriakose Elias died, buried at Kunammavu.

1874 Mar Melus in Kerala; Surayikal at TCR.

1875 Mulanthuruthy  Synod: Marthomite Church started in 1876.

1930 Reunion of Jacobites; Syro-Malankara Hierarchy in 1932.

1944 Indian Catholic Bishops’ Conference started.

1950 Fisrt Indian Synod in Bangalore of 3 Rites; 56+52 took part; Thomas Cardinal Gilroy presided.

1952 Celebration of 19th centenary of Arrival of St Thomas in India and Death of St Francis Xavier; T. Card.Gilroy was the papal Delegate; visited Thottakam?. Valerian Gracias as Cardinal.

1953 Eugen Card.Tisserant visited Kerala, placed at Kodungallur a bone from the hand of St Thomas at Ortona, Italy.

1955 Pius XII extended territory of Syrian Hierarchy to Cape Comorin in south and to Mysore, Mangalore and Coimbatore in north

1956 Abpric of Changanachery with Abp Mathew Kavukattu; in Ekm Abp Parecattil; (Kothamangalam diocese erected).

1961 Mar Jos.Cariattil’s remains from Goa were interred at Alangad

1962 Chanda Mission (31-3-62) for SMC; July 3: Vadavathoor Ap.Sem erected, and the Restored Qurbana in Malayalam inaugurated.

1962 Oct.11 Vatican II Council started; it ended on Dec.8, 1965.

1964 Pope Paul VI visited Bombay-Eucharistic Congress in Dec.

1968 Sagar, Satna, Ujjain Missions; MST founded; POC for 3 Rites of Kerala; Reformed Malayalam Qurbana-15 Aug; Abp Parecattil as member of Or.Congr.; as Cardinal, 2nd in India, in 1969.

1970 CBCI Meeting in Ekm, Kerala 1st time.

1972 19th Centenary of St Thomas’ Death celebrated.

1977 Paulos Mar Philexinos of Thozhiyur Church joined Malankara.

1978 John Paul I elected; he appointed Abp Padiyara Ap.Visitor to  Syro-Malabarians outside Kerala. 1978 John Paul II elect.16-10-78

1981 Mons. Agostino Cacciavillain as Pronuncio of India, 9 May.

1983 Paurastya VidyaPitham at Vadavathoor inaugurated-Sail Singh.

1984 Card.Parecattil retired; Abp Padiyara to Ekm (18-5-85).

1985 Card.Lourdswamy as Prefect of Or.Congr. Oct.30; Abp Powathil to Changanachery Nov.16; 1985 Raza approved Dec.19.

1986 John Paul II visited India Feb.1-10; 2nd Raza at KTM after canonizing Bl.Alphonsa and Bl.Elias Kuriakose Chavara.

1987 Aug.21 Centenary celebration of Ekm & Tcr at Ekm.

1988 Kalyan Diocese erected; Directives for Qurbana, May 5; Abp Padiyara as Cardinal.

1989 July 3 Reformed Qurbana in simple & solembn forms.

1989 Aug.12 Syro-Malabar Liturgical Action Committee started.

1990 Nov.   Abp George Zur Pronuncio of India.

1991 July12 Silvestrini Card.Achille Prefect of Or.Congr.

Aug.3 Mons.Abraham Kattumana consecrated Abp. Pronuncio...

Oct.1 Oriental Code came into force; Latin Code in 1983.

1992 Sept.4-25 Pontifical Commission under Abp Thomas A.White to study problems of liturgy, canonical structure, etc.

Sept.10 LAC State Meeting at KTM; 22nd P.T.Chacko met Ap.Com

1993 Jan.29 Syro-Malabar as Major Archiepiscopal Church.


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